Exhibit 11:

This week I decided to do a flyer for a new location that is opening up in Logan, Utah. I took this picture, and felt like the coloring was unique enough to add it to the flyer. I like how it goes from one color to the second.


Exhibit 9:

A few random photos I came across, but decided to use them for this weeks exhibit. I enjoy this dog’s face, and might try to do a little bit more with him going forward. This week I basically used the quick selection tool and a bunch of shapes to create context with this photo.


Exhibit 8:

I really like the idea of telling a story through the photo. You can see which is the important parts of the photo through the color. The main subject and the flag stand out because they are in color and are in focus.




Exhibit 5:

I wanted this to be simple, and to go along with the University of Utah’s colors. So that’s why the grey and red are constant. The rectangle lines are all copied so they are consistent. I like the picture, because it adds a human element to the picture.



Exhibit 4: Sigma Phi Epsilon

When deciding what to do this week, I really wanted to highlight something very special. For me, Sigma Phi Epsilon has been one of the best experiences I’ve had here at Utah State. So I thought this picture did it justice. I like the light behind the flag, but I thought making it black and white adds something extra to it. I also added our cardinal principles and the full name in the colors of the flag.



Exhibit 3: USU Stars Digital Display:

When deciding what I wanted to do here, I wanted something simple and get the message across. I chose the quote, because I felt like it was something that would motivate me when I was a kid in high school.

I had to download the new font from online, and I took the two photos from “Pixabay”. I spent some time going through different sizes of the font, and positions. At first, I had it down the side of the teacher, but I believe it being just above her gives the rule of thirds a lot better.

Photoshop 1


Photoshop Week 1: